The big question is How Social Media Can Move Your Business Forward ? It became a real need more than a wish. Imagine what life would be like without platforms that allow people to connect worldwide. You cannot? Neither can we!

With the increase of online networking, interacting with friends, taking news of relatives, learning about the latest updates and connecting with customer service is easier than ever.

There are 4.02 billion Internet users around the world in 2018. Active social media users make up 3.2 billion, which represents 42% of the population.

With such interest, its significance to society cannot be ignored, especially in the marketing world. The influence of social media is a driving force in the trade industries. It is even truer in a world where engage and persuade the market is the priority for any business owner.

Here are some important facts and numbers about social medias effects in business:

Impacts of Social Media On Brand Presence

A survey of We Are Social’s Digital in 2018 Global Overview, shows that Facebook is the second most visited website in the world, followed by YouTube.

Facebook was also the most searched tool on Google, followed again by YouTube. That shows that the four billion active Internet users turn to social media platforms every single day.

With more than 60 million Facebook Pages, brands are reaching millions on the social media platform. The same report revealed that posts on a brand’s Facebook Page reach 10.7% more people than its current followers.

Effects Of Social Media On Brand Loyalty

A 2017 survey revealed that 69% are developing loyal fans for their brands via social media marketing. Furthermore, 66% of 18-24 years old users are more loyal to the brands they follow on social media. While 60% of 25- to 34-year-olds favor the businesses they follow on Facebook, Twitter ect..

Effects Of Social Media On Sales

We Are Social’s Digital in 2018 Global Overview reported that 17% of the world’s population makes their purchases online. Strong economies like the UK (78%), South Korea (74%), Germany (74%), Sweden (70%) and the U.S. (69%) have the highest e-commerce penetration or percentage of the population that has purchased online.

The 18 to 34 years old users have the most buying power; and represent obviously the highest percentage of purchases with the influence of social media.

In a survey of more than 600 senior marketers, 39% said they saw a medium ROI from organic social media posts, while 20% said they received the highest ROI from this form of marketing channel.

With all these facts, data and statistics, it would be impossible to deny the influence social media has on the consumer. Whether it be through simple brand awareness or brand loyalty that equates to sales, social media has a big impact.  It is the best time for you to give much thought to your social media marketing strategy.


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