SEO is the optimizations and strategies that are followed to get the website up to the search results of Google and other search engines. At MyBusiness360 SEO is not just "add keywords", as we follow a series of actions that are based on each client individually based on their competition. Your texts are analyzed and we help you to get the most SEO results. We specialize in optimizing your page so that your website speed is not comparable, which is one of the key factors of SEO. Don't you believe us? Just test our website!

Do you want to reach the first page of Google?

At MyBusiness360 you can! More than 90% of our clients that invested in Advanced SEO are at the top results of the first page of Google!

Αdvanced SEO

Our Advanced SEO actions take into account all the factors that Google controls to determine where a website will appear, starting with its speed. One by one the images on your web page are compressed and new, separate images are created to fit every device resolution. The CSS and JS files are minimized separately and compressed into one file. We optimize the database of your website and use 3 (!) Layers of Cache for optimal results. Finally, we do thorough scrutiny of your industry and competition, suggest the most relevant keywords, and upgrade your texts so that you can stand out! Monthly review of the actions taken and regular site changes to ensure you get the coveted first place!

Search Engine Marketing – SEM

Our search engine marketing strategies explore all available options for boosting your visibility with the major search engines. A variety of paid and organic strategies can be implemented to ensure you appear prominently, gaining a competitive edge over your rivals. Search engine marketing is all about driving traffic and building your brand’s authority through exposure at the highest level.