Gkoumas Urology


Project Description

Welcome to the website of my Doctors office. First to introduce myself. My name is Goumas D. Georgios and I am a Urologist – Andrologist Surgeon. I am a graduate of the Athens Medical School and I have done my specialty in Urology and Andrology at the Urology Clinic of Genomics “Georgios Gennimatas”. I was trained and taught alongside of great names in urology, which made me able to handle difficult incidents. Moreover, my participation in the general and internal on-call of the largest urological clinic in Greece has provided great experience that is particularly useful in the private sector. Finally, my only purpose and philosophy is the direct and accurate approach to my patients’ problem, as well as the best medical solution.


After discussing the objectives and expectations of the client in depth, we carried out detailed industry and audience research. The website was designed and presented in the form of a prototype, before receiving final approval from the client. Professional presentation and a seamless user experience were top priorities for Gkoumas Urology website. It was also important to ensure that all information communicated was presented as accurately and concisely as possible. After a series of minor modifications and enhancements to our original mock-up, the final Gkoumas Urology website was ready to go live. We’ve since received only outstanding feedback from the client regarding the website’s performance.